Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Snail Mail and Sleep Aids

We got our first wedding RSVP today! From D's grandparents! They have the cutest grandparent names: Hubert and Mildred. It makes me smile every time I think about it.  I think that when I get old and have grandchildren I'm going to change my name to Mildred. hmmm we'll see! Anyway back to the RSVP, I was so excited when I saw it on the table after I walked in from work.  D was excited too, it was open.  I guess he decided since it had his name on it too he could. Which is fine, I'm glad that he was excited to see who it was from and what the answer was.  I don't really like it when he opens mail that only has my name on it, even if it's a bill that we are splitting.  When I was growing up my mom opened pretty much everything, even if it didn't have her name on it, maybe this is a product of that environment? I hope we get more RSVPs soon, this is so fun and exciting! I love getting snail mail, especially since most of our letters are for previous tenants. Some guy named Karl and another lady named Lashonda get mail all the time. I'm not quite sure what to do with it, can I write "RETURN TO SENDER" or "CHANGE OF ADDRESS" on them and then put them back in the mailbox? I should look into that, I would want my mail sent to me if I moved.  On another note, I tried Nyquil's new sleep-aid product last night.  Even though I have sleeping issues I only took this because I had to be to work at 6am and I needed my sleep.  I knew if I didn't take something I wouldn't have gone to bed until it was way too late.  This stuff is really good and worked so well! It didn't make me feel groggy this morning when I woke up, and it didn't make me have crazy dreams. Although I'm not sure if I could accurately critique that part since weird dreams are a part of my sleeping-issues anyway, it's "normal" to me.  But I took it and then turned on an episode of Modern Family just to have some sound for my mind to concentrate on.  I started to drift away and it was a fairly quick process that felt natural! Next thing I knew my alarm was going off and it was time to get up (at 4:45am) and I didn't even feel like throwing my phone out the window like I usually do! So I would definitely take this stuff again if I ever had to go to sleep at a certain time that was off my normal pattern again (or next Wednesday when I have to do this all over again for inventory day).  It was 10 dollars for a large bottle and they also make tablets.  The price wasn't ideal but maybe I can find a coupon if I ever need to buy it again.  The flavor was "warming berry" and as far as liquid medicine goes it didn't taste too awful, so I don't mind taking this kind instead of the tablets.

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